Tantra Energy Orgasm Sessions

An energy orgasm is not a sexual practice as normally understood in the western cultures it is a flow of energy.

It is a concept found primarily in the realms of tantra, holistic wellness, and certain new age spiritual practices. It refers to an intense, pleasurable experience involving the flow and release of energy throughout your body, akin to the sensations of a physical orgasm but without direct physical sexual stimulation. Instead, it is achieved through embracing your sensuality and the essence of your being.

Key aspects of an energy orgasm:

1. Breathwork: Deep, controlled breathing channels and amplifies energy within your body, often moving energy from the key sensual energy centers upwards through the chakras to the crown.

2. Tantric Energy Work: This involves connecting to your Jing, or sacred sexuality—the power to create new life—while embracing a pure sensation of feeling and your true nature.

3. Body Awareness and Movement: Gentle movements and heightened body awareness help circulate energy throughout your entire body, rather than focusing on conventional notions of intercourse.

4. Tantric Practices: In tantra, energy orgasms are a way for you to connect deeply with yourself and potentially with a partner, achieving spiritual and emotional union and transcendence.

5. Sensory and Emotional Release: Energy orgasms can lead to the release of pent-up emotions and stress, providing you with a sense of emotional and mental clarity.

6. Holistic Benefits: You may experience increased vitality, improved emotional balance, deeper spiritual connection, and enhanced physical well-being.

Sacred Sexuality

Sacred Sexuality

Energy orgasms are highly individual experiences, with effectiveness and sensations varying widely from person to person. We offer online sessions so you can experience these practices from the privacy of your own home. These sessions are not recorded to ensure your privacy. While it may take some time for you to fully embrace and allow these sensations, many can experience them during their first session. Learning to harness and direct your internal energy, combined with the energy of the transmission, can lead to profound experiences.

People whom have never experienced a physical orgasm can experience energy orgasms. This is not inly true for women yet unfortunately in our culture for men people think ejaculation means orgasm and this is for the most part totally wrong. This is for both women and men to experience a full body energetic orgasm.

Group sessions last around 65 mins

We start promptly so please be ready a few minutes before your session starts, on the given time and day.

Session times (London time)

Every Tuesday 19:00 London Time

San Francisco11:00 AM

Mexico City 12:00 PM

New York 2:00 PM

London 7:00 PM

Paris 8:00 PM

Athens 9:00 PM

Adelaide 3:30 AM Next Day

(Schedules are subject to changes and variations)

If you wish to have a session at a different time please contact me about possibly opening up a new time.

Please use this app if you need to check the time in your zone https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

Sessions are held via Zoom and the link to the Tidycal calendar will be sent to you after purchase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need experience?

No experience is required as long as you are in good health, mentally and physically and are able to lie down on a yoga mat on the floor.

What can I expect to feel during a session?

Some people will experience emotional releases in the form of laughing, crying, shouting. Others can experience sweating or shaking of the body and of course Energy orgasms. Others may even have astral projections. Some may just feel heavy. Some may feel nothing at first yet then after the session have vivid dreams. Some may just have a sense of relaxation and well being. Others may have energy orgasms.

So it can vary as you can see. Just come with an open mind with no expectations.

How do I schedule my appointment?

Upon purchasing your session, you'll receive further instructions on how to book a time for your appointment. As more times become available we will let you know. By purchasing a session, you acknowledge the terms and agreements of the session

Can I change the time and date of my session?

If you need to change the session you signed up for you are free to do so by emailing us as long as it is at least 72 hours before said session. After that unfortunately we cannot change the date.

Can I purchase the sessions more than once?

Absolutely! However this is a monthly subscription so you get access to weekly sessions anyway.

Can I do this if I am pregnant?

While there are no specific contraindications known, just like with everything else, we must advise against it.

Is this what people called Kundalini Activation?

Kundalini activation is an inaccurate term for energy sessions as to find a true Kundalini energy session the healer needs to have fully awakened and mastered their Kundalini this takes time, work and dedication. However Tantric energy is needed to awaken your Kundalini. The energies of "Kundalini activation" for the most part are either Pranic or perhaps unconscious Tantric.

These energies can activate someone's Kundalini after much preparation work has been done.

Our sessions can work towards this however if you are looking for a true and "safe" Kundalini Awakening, we highly recommend you take our 52 week training course or we can work with you in private 1-1 coaching sessions.

True Kundalini is not something to be taken lightly and except in very rare occasions where lots of work has already been done and knowledge acquired it is very unlikely for this to happen in a group session. Please be careful of misinformation about this.

Make sure you have read our T&C before joining the session

Currently these sessions are in English.

If you wish to have sessions in Spanish please contact me:

[email protected]

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